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Main Office
A Hope Center Pregnancy & Relationship Resources
3630 Hobson Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46815
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Satellite South
A Hope Center at Primetime
3701 S. Calhoun St., Ste. C
Fort Wayne, IN 46807

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Satellite Southwest
A Hope Center at Illinois Plaza
4705 Illinois Road, Ste.115
Fort Wayne, IN 46804
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Satellite Northeast
A Hope Center at Grabill
13410 Main Street
Grabill, IN 46741
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Volunteers Speak Out

says... please come! Volunteering has made my life feel so much fuller. To be able to give these women the feeling that they are not alone is incredible... a complete blessing!



Dorcas remembered... being able to share with a mother and daughter who went through a similar experience that I went through with my own daughter. I trust that I have been able to help and encourage them.

shares... her favorite Bible verse, "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future."
Jeremiah 29:11



Maurine's faith grew...when a client on the phone said that it was comforting to talk to me and that I helped her.




says... that nothing compares to the lift of watching God's hand move through this place.

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about volunteering at A Hope Center

Volunteer at the Center

A Hope Center is changing lives
One person at a time, A Hope Center provides hope and healing in difficult circumstances. The ministry’s effectiveness is punctuated by personal relationships between clients and volunteers which are rooted in the volunteer’s personal relationship with Christ. The focused, loving attention given to clients sets A Hope Center apart as a special place of caring in our city.

Concern for clients’ well being, coupled with the offering of limited first-trimester ultrasounds, creates a powerful environment for educating clients seeking help with a pregnancy decision. After being cared for and given a clear view of life in its early stages, women and men consistently see their circumstances in a new light.
Of all the clients receiving ultrasounds in 2014, at least 95% chose to continue their pregnancies.

A Hope Center is sustaining growth
2014 brought...
• 2,184 female clients
• 475 male clients
• 518 ultrasounds
• 469 clients who received clothing or other material resources
• 79 clients who received post-abortion support
• 99.9% of clients rated A Hope Center Services as "excellent" or "good"
The past several years were marked with the hard work of implementing many new ministry investments. Services were expanded to include ultrasound and nurse-administered pregnancy testing; new locations were opened Southwest on Illinois Road, at Primetime on South Calhoun Street, and at the Christian Community Healthcare Clinic on Main Street in Grabill; the material assistance program was improved with quality curriculum and new Bonus Room stores for our clients; and new websites were launched at www.ahopecenter.org and here at www.ahcfriends.org. We are excited to see the rewards of these investments translate into increasing numbers of clients seeking services at our center.

Sustained client and student statistics after years of ministry growth requires more people to be involved. Many more clients could be served at all our locations if AHC friends say, “YES!”
Will you say “YES” to offering hope?
We need more volunteers to love clients with their time and talents!

The call to volunteer
All you need to start helping right now is:
• An open heart
• A desire to provide a “hand up” to the needy
• A love for mothers and fathers of unborn children
• A desire to offer hope while presenting accurate pregnancy options education
The first step to being a volunteer is to...
Come and see us!
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Volunteer opportunities
Be a financial contributor. A Hope Center is funded entirely by local individuals, churches, and foundations so that clients may receive valuable care without financial cost. Lives are changed and lives are saved as a result of grass roots investors looking for the most meaningful of returns. Will you be A Hope Center friend?
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Be a walker or runner at the annual “Strides of Hope Walkathon & Fun Run” fund raiser in September.
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Be a guest or table host at the annual spring banquet fund raiser in April.
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Be a bargain hunter. Bargain hunters love to shop garage sales and clearance sales. Make your donation in purchased material goods or ask about limited reimbursement for great bargains on currently needed items.
Contact us .................... Click here for a list of Bonus Room needs

Be a recycler of gifts. Many partners in ministry remember the center when cleaning out their drawers and closets. Like-new baby items and maternity clothes bless our clients in need. Just drop your items off at the Hobson Rd, South Calhoun Street, or Illinois Rd locations during office hours.
Contact us .................... Click here for a list of Bonus Room needs

Be a church liaison. A church liaison serves as A Hope Center’s communication facilitator within their church family. Liaisons receive church mailings for distribution to their congregations and are asked to follow up with church leadership to promote events and activities. No special skills are required. A Hope Center staff provides all materials necessary to be a successful church liaison.
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Be a prayer warrior. As a member of the prayer team you will be given prayer requests for clients (no identifying information distributed for purposes of confidentiality), volunteers, staff, board members, and ministry events.
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Be a fund raising coordinator. Throw a baby shower for the Center to collect maternity and baby items for the Bonus Room client store. You could also collect spare change from your church or small group with a Baby Bottle Campaign. All the information and bottles you need will be provided by the center. Just contact Terry Foss to get started.
Contact us .................... Click here for a list of Bonus Room needs

Be a committee member. Special events and projects sometime require short-term planning and organization. Be on our list to receive a call for help when special needs arise.
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Be a bonus room worker. Sorting incoming donations and catering to our client shoppers is an easy way to love those in need of a “hand up”.
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Be a receptionist. Receptionists are the “first face” of ministry. Often answering the phone and greeting clients, receptionists need to have a cheerful disposition and a clear understanding of ministry policy and procedure. Phone experience is a plus. Although it is not required, classroom training attendance is highly beneficial. Receptionists receive on-the-job training.
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Be a clerical worker. Much behind-the-scenes work occurs to keep the office running smoothly. Duties may include filing, mailing, tabulating, publication folding and cutting, data entering, ordering, and other office duties. Clerical workers receive on-the-job training.
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Be a classroom educator. Our Earn While You Learn program provides education opportunities through both individual and group settings. Those with specific expertise have the opportunity to bless clients with their experience by teaching a group education class.
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Be a professional consultant. As we grow, the need for professional support services becomes more important for both short and long-term ministry needs. All professional fields need apply!
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Be a peer advocate. Female Advocates have opportunities to provide peer counseling to women seeking a pregnancy test and other services. Male advocates provide peer counseling to the male partners of women seeking our services. Both male and female Advocates also have the privilege to act as a mentor to long-term clients who wish to grow. Growing means different things to different clients, but all clients have the opportunity to grow in their skills as a parent (and sometimes as a partner in a healthy relationship). Advocates receive extensive training to fulfill this role. Classroom training for this position occurs twice a year, followed by individual on-the-job training in the office. See training dates and information below.
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Be an Earn While You Learn Facilitator. EWYL Facilitators act solely as mentors to clients who have chosen to carry their pregnancy to term. They use pre-established curriculum and other resources to help clients improve their lives and improve the lives of their families. Facilitators are required to attend classroom training within a year of volunteering. Facilitators work with a staff person to advance through self-paced, in-office training.
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Be a nurse. A Hope Center is a limited-medical facility. It is important to have nurses available on all shifts to provide nurse-administered pregnancy testing. Our staff members with nursing degrees are stretched to cover shifts that are without nurse volunteers. Nurses who attend classroom training, may also be trained as advocates, but this is not absolutely required. Nurses receive extensive on-the-job training from the nurse manager. Nurses trained as advocates are privileged to be able to conduct all aspects of the pregnancy test visit with a client.
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Training dates
Cost: $25 per person or only $30 per couple for training materials. If cost is prohibitive, please call for special arrangements.

Fall 2015
October 2, 6-9pm and October 6, 6-8pm

Contact us about attending the next classroom training

Advocate, EWYL Facilitator, and Nurse FAQs:
How do I get started?
Start by scheduling a tour. You will get an up close and personal look at the ministry, and you may get your application at that time. Determine which classroom training session works best for you. The director will schedule an interview after receiving your application.

What if I can’t attend every class?
Perfect attendance is preferred, but one or two missed sessions may be viewed by videotape.

What if I want to get started right away?
Great! We’ll start with on-the-job training. When you attend classes at a later date, everything will come together beautifully.

What is the time commitment for this position?
Volunteers are asked to give at least one three-hour shift every other week, although three or four hours every week is preferred. Some precious volunteers give even more! This time commitment also applies to on-the-job training.

What qualities make an effective Advocate, Facilitator, or nurse?
Gifts of mercy and compassion abound with effective volunteers. They often have hig
hly relational personalities and simply love people. They are great listeners and convey a non-judgmental attitude.

What if I need time off?
Your supervisor works with you on a monthly schedule. Requests for time off are always honored and schedules adjusted accordingly. As you may have surmised, however, serving at A Hope Center requires a high level of commitment that brings very high rewards.

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